Board of Directors

The OCC Board of Directors develops a long-term vision designed to accomplish the mission of the OCC by:

  • Establishing clear goals and accountability for the staff as well as the Board itself
  • Leading the organization on behalf of its members
  • Clarifying the values and goals of the Board
  • Empowering the Board President, committees, and the staff

The Board focuses its time and efforts primarily on establishing effective policies and goals to define the mission of the OCC and prioritizes them for the staff. The full Board of the OCC meets once a year. Each Board member brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the OCC. Members of the OCC Board are not just representatives of the organization’s membership; they are representatives of the organization to the membership, potential members, other organizations and the general public.

OCC Interim Board of Directors (now to August 19, 2012)



OCC Technical Committee